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Jacob Toft


We get it.

You miss traveling. We miss traveling. Wine country misses you.

You can now taste our wines at home.
Schedule a virtual tasting with us!

We will ship you an at-home tasting kit containing a four-ounce bottle of the each of the following wines:

2020 Josephine's Rosé
2017 Kelly's Cuvée
2018 Sarah's Cuvée
2018 Tessa's Cuvée
​2017 Maggie's Cuvée



♦ Click here to order your at-home tasting kit ♦

You'll receive a total of 20 ounces of wine!!!
One tasting kit is perfect for two people to share
(or one kit per person if you're really thirsty - we won't judge ;)

Get your friends in on the fun with a kit of their own and we can host you all
simultaneously via Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc
from the comfort of your own living rooms.
The more, the merrier!

Once purchased, we will reach out to you to schedule a ship date and to book your
virtual tasting appointment with us.

These wines are meant to be consumed the same week they ship,
so coordination between us all is imperative to an exceptional experience.

See you online!